The Sacristans’ Gardens

When this Carthusian monastery was active, this garden was divided into two private gardens one for each of the two sacristans’ cells.

Today, the remains of the central separating wall outline the area of each of these former monks’ gardens. A hedge of cypress separates them from the grand cloister of the cemetery.

In 2009, as part of the exhibit "Didascalies pour la Chartreuse" a work by the landscape artist Henri Olivier was installed in this space. His work, a public commission, depicts a lectern and a bench set up on the vestiges of the wall.

In 2014, this sacristan’s garden was planted with the pear tree known as Impériale à feuille de chêne, one of the thirteen heritage apple and pear trees which descended from the magnificent collections of fruit trees originally established by the Carthusian monks.